No Deposit Betting: An Easy Choice

Ask any betting punter on the high street if he would like a free bet and he would jump at the chance. While high street bookmakers do offer promotions, they are usually nowhere near on the same scale as those offered by their online counterparts. With free betting on the table across a whole variety of markets, it is unsurprising that online betting operators are now seeing more business pass through their virtual doors than those on the high street.

The kinds of free bet available varies from operator to operator. Bettors are often faced with a wide choice, thankfully sites like this provide a handy overview of the main ones, so it is useful to understand the different kind of free bets that are on offer:

No-Deposit Bets

These bets are exactly how they sound. They are bets offered by bookies that require no deposit whatsoever. For example, a £5 free no-deposit bet means that a player will receive a £5 credit to his or her account when joining a bookmaker. These bets are usually smaller (£5-£10) and may require some play-through (betting equivalent amounts) before any withdrawal can be made by the player.

Free Deposit Match

Requiring some outlay on the part of the punter, these kinds of bets are more favoured by betting operators as it means that money will definitely be spent at their site. That is not to say that canny punters can not use these bets to their advantage, as these bets usually offer more in return than the completely free “no-deposit” bets.

Risk Free Bets

Like no-deposit bets, “risk free” bets generally tend to appeal to new customers rather than seasoned punters. In actual fact, they are very similar to “deposit-match” bets, the “risk-free” element usually coming in with a credit to the tune of double a player’s deposit. However, there are increasingly a number of these kinds of bets offered around big sporting events, where some outcomes can be forecasted. A good example of this is during a football tournament like the World Cup, where bettors can lay money against two teams reaching the final. Operators will entice punters with offers of refunded bets against a certain outcome, like England reaching the final or Rooney to score the winner.

An Easy Choice

No matter which variant of free bet a punter may prefer, it is an easy choice over no free bet at all. As Internet gaming continues to witness huge growth, these bets and promotions look set to continue to appeal to punters whilst outstripping the efforts of traditional bookmakers on the high street. The likelihood, too, is that, having joined a bookmaker, bettors will be offered countless other free bets around special markets, turning one free bet into a whole season’s gambling.