Make Extra Profit from Pro Poker Betting Tips

   1. Sports handicappers depend very much on luck and can't build complex strategy unlike poker players. The main aim of poker is to survive the game till the last. Always opt for simple strategies so that you can take your decision properly.   There are some pro strategies that can help you to make more profit from the game. We are now going to discuss that.

But you need to understand the strategy so that you can learn and earn both at the same time. You must manipulate the game according to your convenience. Try to adjust your pace sometimes. You can raise a little or re-raise. But this can be tricky so do not over do it. You can make some exceptions and that will surely help you to increase the bank roll. Your opponents will get confused about you and finally these all will help you to make more profit.
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While drifting you need to choose your directions properly. If in case you are drifting in the wrong way then you may lose all the profits you have already made. You must stick to your strategy that can make you win. Your basic strategy will guide you like a lifeline. If you are making exceptions then be very aware of them. If you want to make money you must not show off.

   2. If your opponents are loose then you must show that your hands are not good. This type of bluffing can make you lose a lot. If you want to advertise something then you must plan a proper strategy and then make your move.

   3. Always try to bet without worrying about raising or re-raising from a weaker hand. If you know that your opponents are not expecting you to raise then you can always raise or re-raise. Even if your opponents are tough you can still make a lot from there.

   4. If you have real advantage with maximum strong hand then you can always raise or re-raise. If incase your opponents are bluffing you can always check and call. It can be crucial sometimes. This is known as “slippery sandbag”.

   5. If you are in the middle position then be very careful before raising or re-raising in the last round. If you have extremely weak hands or extremely strong hands only then you can raise or re-raise.

   6. There can be one bet and total three raises. Tend to "cap" from the final position. The final raise is known as the cap. If you are in last position then you can use the cap in your favor. If you use a cap the other people won’t have a chance to check you in the nest betting round. Even in that case you can always take a free card. This is the luxury of the last position.

   7. You can fold if you are the last one and going to close the betting by your call. If you have a borderline hand then you need to be very careful. If your call is going to close the bet then opt for call always. Otherwise you need to go for fold.

If in case there is a call and raise after your bet then you need to be very careful. If you call the caller can re-raise then. Trust your guts and analyze the situation properly to act accordingly.

   9. Some advices:-

In case of the early betting rounds the players became comfortable about the opponent who had seldom sandbags. For better result you can decide whether you want to wager or want the next card for free.