List of Winning Hands Of Poker

This gambling guide does not contain info on problem gambling, instead it is like the great number of roulette game sites tells about the rules of how to play and where to play poker. The object of every poker version is to have the best hand from the pocket cards and community exposed ones. Here we give the listing of all winning hands of poker from the strongest to the weakest. To describe the examples of all cards combinations we used these abbreviations: Q - Queen, A - Ace, K - King, J - Jack, D - Diamonds, C - Clubs, H - Hearts, S - Spades.

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Royal Flush is the best hand among all winning hands of poker, that is in fact the straight flush (the succession of the cards of the same suit) from Ace to 10: 10S, JS, QS, KS, AS.

Straight Flush is five cards in succession with one suit. For example: QC, JC, 10C, 9C, 8C.

Four of a Kind is the poker hand consisting of four cards with the same rank. The suit doesn’t matter. For example: 7S, 7D, 7C, 7H, 10H.

Full House is the hand which contains three cards of one rank and two other cards of another rank no matter their suit. For example: 10S, 10D, 8S, 8D, 8C.

Flush is the hand that consists of any five cards with one suit. For example: 9H, JH, KH, 2H, 5H.

Straight has five cards in sequence no matter their suit. In the Straights Ace can be counted both as the highest and lowest card. For instance: 9C, 8H, 7C, 6H, 5D.

Three of a Kind is poker hand which has three cards from the same rank. The cards suit isn’t taken into consideration. For example: 10S, 10D, 10H, JS, KC.

Two Pair has two cards of one value and two cards with another value. In Two Pair hands the suit does not matter. For instance: JC, JD, 8H, 8D, 10S.

One Pair is poker hand which has two cards from the same rank. For example: 10D, 10S, 8S, 6H, 3H.

High Card is the poker hand that does not has any of the mentioned above combinations. The rank of High Card hand is determined by the highest card. For instance: 4S, 7D, 9, JH, KC, 10S.

As a rule, no other poker hands are used during the play except some special game variations.