Continuation Bet - Learn it to Get Better at Poker

If you are a thorough newbie to playing USA Poker, then you must learn about using continuation bet at the earliest as this is a neat little trick to help you on the way. The quicker you learn how to use this trick, the more you will see yourself using this ploy whenever you are out playing poker. So, let us first learn about this trick.

 Understanding the Basics

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A continuation bet is a bet wherein you are raising the bet pre-flop and then continuing to raise the bet after the flop despite whatever cards are being dealt. So, for example, if you are making a $5 raise pre-flop, the continuation bet is done by putting a raise to $10 after the flop even though the hand has not shown any significant change.

The Efficiency of Using Continuation Bet

Surprising your opponents with a continuation bet is a clever ploy as it makes your opponent confused and in a tough spot to decide on whether or not to continue. So, even though your hand has not improved, the offensive way in which you have played will make it look like you have got a very good hand and your opponents will think twice before continuing on the game unless they are being backed with a good hand.

So, using the continuation bet is a good way to make players with bad hands or medium strength hands to fold down the hand. No player will risk offensive play with continuation bets unless they are having a good hand themselves. So, the use of this ploy will help win a few additional games.

Making the Continuation Bet

The first key to making the continuation bet is to bet high. If you are not calling high, there may be players who might take the risk and stick on to the game without folding. So, when you are making the bet, try to bet to a tune of almost 70-100% of the chips in the pot.

The next key to using the continuation bet is to employ the ploy when you have a reasonably good hand pre-flop. But, on the other hand if you are using a weak hand to place a continuation bet, you might end up in a tough spot your self. So, even though you are planning on going with your guns firing non-stop, you need to exercise caution prior to starting off.

Many players have the habit of starting off on the continuation bet pre-flop but fail to continue on it when their hands have not improved when subsequent cards are dealt. They will either check or fold depending on the circumstance. This might be analyzed by the other players and they will begin to guess whether or not your hand is good. So, continuing on the continuation bet is necessary to keep the opponents guessing.

Also, continuation bets can be continued even when the player gets an improvement on the hand in the flop. So, your opponents will be left guessing and they might even commit to making a mistake based on previous experience wherein you might have used the continuation bet with a weak hand. So, vary your situations where you are using the continuation bet so that your opponents will not be able to guess what you are up to.

The Frequency of Usage

While some use the continuation bet very widely, it is not always the best of techniques to go this way. But, continuation bets should be used quite frequently to a tune of about 60% although it might be varied depending on the skills and abilities of the other players.

So, remember, continuation bet is a good ploy to play poker and is very easy to use while playing poker. All that one needs to do is raise the bet pre-flop and then again increase it on the flop. The way in which you do this and the situations to employ it is something you need to learn and perfect.

But, one thing that you need to remember is not to use this trick when the betting amount is very low and no matter what amount you raise, it will still be trivial. So, it is best used when there are big bets on the table and your opponents will be worried if you are using the continuation bet.